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High-quality care and treatment at

Sandes Avenue Dental Practice

Our aim is to provide high quality dental care and treatments in a relaxed, comfortable and safe environment, at sensible prices

Our service provision includes :
  • Sensible appointment durations with the same Dentist, removing that "rushed" feeling
  • Comprehensive 30 minute New Patient exams, inclusive of scale and polish and X-rays
  • Prime time early morning and late evening appointments
  • Our own in house Dental Care Plan with monthly payment options
  • Specially designed spacious premises creating a calm and relaxed environment
  • A complete range of Dental Treatments including crowns, dentures, white fillings and root canal procedures
  • Cosmetic Treatments : Facial skin and lip enhancements, frown and eye line reduction
  • Extensive use throughout the Practice of both Digital and Computer Technologies

Continually Improving

We are constantly looking to extend the range of Dental and Cosmetic Treatments available to you. Our latest additions include single visit Tooth Whitening and Facial Cosmetic procedures to remove wrinkles and frown lines.
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